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How do I prepare for court?

You may settle the case made against you in one of three ways:


1)    You must appear in court at the appointed time with your SC driver’s license or other identification if indicated in the violation block of the summons.


2)    You may post a cash bond to Clover Municipal Court prior to the assigned date of trial. If you decide to mail in your bond rather than paying at the Court office, mail the money order, certified check or cashier’s check directly to PO Box 1060, Clover SC 29710. Be sure to include the ticket number, located on the bottom right hand corner, on your correspondence to the court.  The posting of bond before your assigned trial date in no way affects your right to have a fair trial by the Judge or, if you make a written request before your scheduled trial, by jury. However, if you are not required to appear in court and have previously posted bond and do not appear, your bond may be accepted as the fine payment unless the Judge has agreed to have your case heard at another time.


3)    You may appear in court on the assigned date and time and have a trial conducted by the Trial Judge.



If you fail to post bond or personally appear in court on the assigned trial date, your home state’s Motor Vehicle Division may be notified to suspend your driver’s license until you have cleared this matter with this court.  Additionally, a willful failure to appear or post bond is punishable as a separate offense by a fine up to $200.00 or imprisonment of up to 30 days.


For more information on the bond amount of your citation, contact the Clover Municipal Court at (803) 222-4084.

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