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Changes are coming to the Recycling Program!

The Town of Clover is in a unique recycling cooperative effort with the City of York.  The two communities share costs for a recycling truck and driver.  

The items that are allowed to be recycled at the curb are limited by York County.  The items that are not allowed are called "contaminated".  This curbside recycling collection system ONLY accepts the following items; newspapers, plastic bottles and jars marked by a number 1 or 2 recycling symbol, aluminum beverage cans and steel food cans. 

If your recycling bin contains any items that are not accepted, your bin will not be picked up.  There will be a sticker placed in/on your recycle bin indicating it contained "contaminated" items.   

Residents can also use the County's recycling centers.  The Centers accept a greater variety of items and are open 7am to 7pm daily except Wednesday and Sunday and holidays.

Recycling in the Town of Clover is generally offered on the same day of garbage collection.  However, the community of Clover Meadows has recycling on Friday and trash pick-up on Thursdays.  Due to lack of available resources, recycling is not currently offered to residents of The Oaks.  Download the  collection schedule here.


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