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American Thread Visioning Workshop
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Have you ever thought "they should do ______ with the American Thread property"? If so, you are invited to share your ideas with design professionals at a workshop scheduled for Monday, July 29.

In 2018, the Catawba Regional Council of Governments (“COG”) received a brownfield assessment grant from the EPA to study the American Thread parcel.  The grant will also pay for a Visioning Session and Preliminary Concept Design for the property. 

A visioning workshop for the redevelopment and reuse of the American Thread site has been scheduled for Monday, July 29, at 6:30-8:00 pm, at the Larne Building, 103 N. Main Street.  This meeting will be facilitated by Cardno.  At the workshop, citizens and professionals will discuss ideas for the redevelopment of this 16 acre property.  Cardno will take the ideas and ultimately develop concept plans for the site.  


  • The site is approximately 16 acres and is comprised of 3 separate parcels.
  • There are two structures on the site:  a 3 story office building and a 4-story 216,000 square foot mill building.
  • The property is currently zoned MU Mixed Used which requires a minimum of 25% of commercial or residential use.  For example, the property can have 25% residential and 75% commercial or vice versa.  Town Council has the authority to rezone the property.
  • The property is owned by J.E. Benfield Plumbing, Inc.  It is not owned by the Town of Clover.
  • The Town has worked with the current owner as well as previous owners to address the nuisance violations.  But, like many old industrial buildings and mills in many small towns and large cities everywhere, the mill continues to deteriorate and will require substantial funds to be improved.
  • Around 2014, the American Thread site was studied as part of the Connect Our Future project.  While some of the information is outdated, there is still a lot of useful information in the report including projected costs to demolish and clean up the mill building (see Table 29 on page 27).  Download the In-depth Site Report


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