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Public Hearing Notice
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A Public Hearing will be held on Monday, November 11, 2019, at 6:30pm at the Clover Community Center to obtain public input on Ordinances 19-12 (moratorium on residential development ) and 19-13 (annexation and zoning of property at 1116 Highway 55 East).

Ordinance 19-12 establishes a temporary moratorium on all activities relating to the acceptance of, review of, and action upon applications for zoning approvals, permits, site plan approvals, and any other official municipal action that would authorize or permit the development and construction of new single family residential  dwelling subdivisions or new multifamily dwelling residential development or create any vested rights that would authorize such new developments in the future.  The ordinance exempts the moratorium on two properties:  Boshamer Farms located on Kings Mountain Street and the property at 1016 N. Main Street that was recently rezoned to B-2 Highway Commercial for the purpose of a multi-family townhome project.

A Public Hearing will also be held on Ordinance 19-13 establishing the zoning district designation for newly annexed property owned by Turner Family of Clover, LLC, at 1116 Highway 55 East, Tax Map No. 379-00-00-009, consisting of 1.56 acres, to B-2 Highway Commercial, and amending the Comprehensive Plan Future Land UseMap so as to amend the Land Use Type for referenced property to Corridor Commercial.



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